How to Become More Active at the Office

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There is no doubt that sitting is a necessary part of life in today’s workplace. The prevalence of sitting has steadily increased over the last century and it doesn’t appear to be a trend that is going to change anytime soon. It’s amazing the amount of time that the average North American spends in the car, in front of the T.V. … Read More

Exercises for Injury Recovery

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Injuries may suck the life out of you, but they’re not the end of the world. You can typically still train them in an altered program and return to activity relatively healthy, you just need to have a smart program in place. Talk to an athletic therapist or personal trainer at your club to see if there’s anything you should … Read More

Fitness Focus: Weird Gym Equipment

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We know the drill: Since starting your fitness journey you’ve been constricted to the treadmills and fixed movement machines in the back corner. Your gym routine is starting to take shape, but you have finally decided to start making some serious gains. Your first thought is to jump into the deep end known as the free weights section, but you haven’t got a … Read More

Sport-Specific Hockey Workout

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hockey workout

Hockey is a sport that carries plenty of nostalgia for most Canadians. It is a game that can be played by all different age groups and abilities. It is an activity with participants from around the world whether it’s a game on the street, a frozen pond, or a sporting venue holding thousands of people. It is a fast-paced, physical … Read More

Body Weight Circuit

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This circuit is a good example of something you can use to work on muscular endurance and controlling your body weight. This will have the effect of toning and increasing endurance and will help you, not only in appearance but also fitness level, so you can have the freedom to do any activity you want to try this summer. Complete … Read More

Improve Posture with Simple Exercises

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Ever been told “sit up straight” or “bring your shoulders back”? Many people still don’t realize how posture is important for pain-free daily activities. Nowadays it’s not just people working at desks for long periods of time but you’ll notice how posture is getting worse with more individuals on small electronic devices that cause more slouching and head-forward posture. When … Read More

Great Legs Workout

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Friends don’t let friends skip leg day, and for good reason. Legs are just as important to workout as any other muscle group in the body. Legs are one of the largest muscle groups in the body with the quadriceps and hamstrings taking most of the credit. Doing a full leg day workout has more benefits than just developing your … Read More

What You’ve Read: Best of 2016

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Taking a look back at the year, we’ve covered everything from group fitness classes to nutrition tips and recipes, from weird workouts to abs! Here are the top posts you have loved and the best of 2016.   10 Signs You Need To Make A Healthy Body Weight Change We all know it – that nagging voice in the back of … Read More

Pairing Exercises

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Knowing which exercises to do and when to do them can be one of the most difficult things when beginning a fitness routine. One of the key points is to know the difference between a push and pull movements, as well as compound and single joint movements. Pull Any movement where you bring weight or force towards your body (e.g.: seated … Read More

TRX Workouts

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More than likely you’ve walked into your fitness club and noticed those black and yellow straps dangling down somewhere from up above wondering to yourself, what the heck are those things? Perhaps you saw someone performing acrobatic-like exercises while using this device and pondered, why on earth would someone do that? To answer these questions, peruse this article and achieve … Read More