Carrot Ginger Chicken Soup

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On the hunt for some delicious winter dinner ideas? Nothing makes a cold winter night (or day) more bearable than digging into a hot and hearty meal. The solution: This season, instead of loading up on high-calorie treats, serve up a steaming hot—but still healthy—meal. This is one of our favourite easy dinner recipes, a vegetable-packed soup with a range of health benefits. This … Read More

10 Habits For A Healthier Life

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healthier life

Your health encompasses overall well-being. That includes: Happiness Energy Ability to fall asleep Have manageable amounts of stress Reduced illness Have low or non-existent joint and musculoskeletal pain Be within the typical range of body fat for your height, body type, and genetics High nutrient load and quality within your system with a low toxic load When it comes to implementing changes … Read More

4 Ways To Boost Your Immune System

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immune system

The seasons are changing, and our not-so-favourite time of year is right around the corner – flu season. Besides the obvious tips of staying warm and washing your hands, here are a few ways you can give your immune system a helping hand and avoid a runny nose and achy body. Nutrition What you eat has a major impact on … Read More

Recipe: Miso Glazed Salmon

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Looking to make a healthy and quick dinner tonight? Try this holistic nutrition recipe for miso-glazed salmon. It takes less than 20 minutes and high in omega fatty acids, which are powerful anti-inflammatories, lower triglycerides, and contribute to lower levels of depression. The highest quality Omega comes from fish. This is because it already contains DHA, which your body can readily use. … Read More

The 5 Biggest Nutrition Mistakes Beginners Make

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Nutrition is full of misinformation, and when you’re just starting out it can become a very confusing thing to navigate. How do you decipher between what you’ve read, heard on TV, and have been told by friends? Put the effort into knowing what you’re putting into your body and learn the steps to stay consistent. Here are the 5 biggest … Read More

Recipe: Cauliflower Rice

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Cauliflower is rapidly becoming one of the most popular gluten alternatives. It is a great way to incorporate more vegetables into our diet and eliminate some of the side effects caused by refined, sugary, processed carbohydrates. Cauliflower contains sulforaphane, a sulfur compound that has also been shown to kill cancer stem cells, thereby slowing tumor growth. It has also been … Read More

Fall Into Fitness

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fall into fitness

September is my favorite month of the year in the fitness industry. January brings a lot of motivation but often poor follow through. September on the other hand, year after year, produces some of the most consistent and successful gym goers. People are relaxed after a hot summer, and ready to get into a steady routine to help keep them fit … Read More

Nutrition Tips To Ditch Food Excuses

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Nutrition is an important component to a healthy and active lifestyle. The issue lies in the fact that it is easy to turn a blind eye towards the nutritional value of foods and end up gorging on less than ideal choices for our meals. Here is a quick breakdown of the common struggles with healthy eating and nutrition tips to ditch … Read More

4 Easy Nutrition Tips

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Eating well is essential to a healthy and active lifestyle, but there is so much information out there that it is hard to decipher where to start. Here are four easy nutrition tips to get you started: Fill Up On Vegetables Vegetables are a low calorie/high volume food, which means you can eat a lot of vegetables without consuming a lot of … Read More

Recipe: Guacamole Chicken Lettuce Wraps

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What is a wrap without a bread-like substance? By definition, it’s still a wrap. I’m not saying you can’t handle a little bread every now and then; however, if you’ve ever read “The Wheat Belly” or follow the Paleo Plan, you know cutting down on wheat consumption can not only decrease the number of total calories you eat in the … Read More