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Nutrition Coaching at World Health Calgary

Achieving your health goals starts with habit changes, and continues with consistency and support.

Just as a Personal Trainer can help you on the gym floor, a Nutrition Consultant can guide you to make healthy choices when it comes to meal planning and fueling your body. If your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, improve your health or even find the missing pieces to help you excel at a sport, a custom-designed nutrition program will help you achieve it.

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Nutrition Coaching

Complimentary nutrition consultation.

At World Health, we offer a complimentary nutrition consultation with a Registered Dietician or a certified Nutrition Consultant to both members and non-members.

In this half-hour session, you will work to pinpoint the habit change that will make the most significant impact and devise a strategy to help you overcome any obstacles. You will goal set, receive recommendations based on what you currently eat, and leave with a basic meal plan. We also offer an optional body composition analysis.

Nutrition clients receive:

• Ongoing in-person and email support
• A new meal plan, updated each month
• Customized calorie and macro guides
• Bi-weekly body composition analysis
• Recipes and resources

Check your employee benefits.

Many employee group benefit programs offer coverage for Dietician services. A more general health spending account may cover Nutrition Consultant services. Check with your employer about coverage.