Refer a Friend Referral Program

Refer A Friend Referral Program

Refer your next workout buddy
with our referral program.

One thing we’ve learned about fitness success over the past 30+ years is that you are more likely to succeed with your fitness goals when you workout with a friend. Receive $5 off your monthly dues for 12 months, or $2.50 off 24 bi-weekly dues.*

A Few Key Benefits of Referring Your Friends to Exercise with You:

  • • Studies indicate you’re more likely to achieve your fitness goals when exercising with a friend
  • • You can hold each other accountable
  • • You are more likely to develop the habit of exercise with a friend
  • • You inspire others around you to live a healthy and active lifestyle

When considering someone for a referral, you may have friends, family members, or co-workers that come to mind. Feel free to bring your friend with you for your next workout. Guest drop-in fees vary from club-to-club.

Please ask for a fitness consultant at front reception when you visit and they’ll help you get set up.

*$5 off your monthly dues for 12 consecutive months, or $2.50 off your bi-weekly dues for 24 consecutive bi-weekly payments. Discount applies provided referred member maintains valid membership in good standing. Offer valid only while displayed on Referral credit can only apply to one member. Other conditions may apply.