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Membership at World Health Calgary

Membership at World Health Calgary

Never workout alone again.

Having served Calgarians health club needs for over 35 years, we know a major reason most people have difficulty sticking with exercise is they end up working out alone. Many big-box gyms craft their membership toward members working out alone. For some, this concept works fine, but for most it doesn’t. That’s where World Health is different. If you’ve struggled to stick with exercise and want results, we will help you succeed. Membership includes group training, unlimited group classes, and three guided cardio resistance training (CRT) workouts. We provide the professional support most need to become fitness successful. And, if you prefer to workout on your own terms, no problem. To get started, please complete the form below.

Terms & Conditions

Unlimited Group Fitness Classes

Unlimited group fitness classes.

Unlike some studios, World Health offers unlimited group fitness classes complimentary with membership. Research suggests members who use classes regularly use the club twice as much as those who do not.

Membership options.

World Health offers flexible membership options:

Fitness Club Access
Executive & Sport Club Access

Membership flexibility.

14-Day Comfort Guarantee

1 If you are not completely satisfied within 14 days of starting your membership we’ll cancel it without penalty. No refunds.

Written notice delivered to your club is required. If cancellation is less than 5 business days prior to your scheduled billing date, then one last payment will occur after cancellation and club access will be extended reflecting all fees paid.


World Health offers the following membership flexibility programs. Ask for details.

  • Membership credit program
  • Leave of absence
  • Account freeze

Early Cancellation

If you chose a term membership option and want to get out of your contract, we offer a simple cancellation process:

  • $99 fee
  • 30 days written notice

Experience your best.

At World Health, you’re a part of the family. We respect coming to a gym can be an intimidating experience. We believe in people, in culture, and creating a safe fitness community where members and guests truly feel welcome.

7-days free no obligation.

Your comfort matters. It would be our pleasure to give you a personal tour of the club and assist you with any questions you may have about becoming a member. We’re happy to offer first-time guests a no obligation 7-day trial membership to experience the World Health difference.