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Location: World Health Richmond

Before: 254 lbs. BF%: 23.2% BMI: 31.7
After: 245.8 lbs. BF%: 19.5% BMI: 30.7

I have been overweight for as long as I can remember. I was a big baby, an overweight child, and as I hit my teens I was borderline obese. For the most part, I hated exercise and loved eating bad food. In my later high school years I made a serious attempt at losing weight and managed to take off almost 80 lbs., but I began to gain it back as soon as I graduated.

Upon moving to Calgary last year, I decided it was time to take control of the way I looked and the way I felt. I knew I needed to join a gym and stick with it. I saw that there was a World Health close to my new house, so it made sense to start there. I was a little hesitant at first, having had a bad experience (crowded gym, unhelpful staff, restrictive and expensive contract, etc.) at a gym in my hometown of Regina. Knowing that being part of a gym was going to be crucial to my success I went ahead and scheduled a meeting anyway.

My feelings changed immediately. I met with Sara Cairns who was incredibly helpful and very welcoming, and once I had a club tour and Sara explained how the memberships worked, I knew I wanted to be a part of World Health. Having membership options that fit my budget made it even easier!

I also decided that I wanted to get a personal trainer. At my previous gym, I often went in with no idea what to do or where to begin, and usually ended up wandering around not doing much of anything. I had never had a personal trainer before, but now I’m not sure if I’ll ever go without one again. I met with Frankie and once we had our first session, I felt like I had accomplished more in one hour with her than any hour I’ve gone into a gym on my own. Continuing the sessions, it also kept me motivated to keep going back, something I’ve struggled with (and still do). I’ve had such a positive experience through it all that it’s getting easier and easier to keep going. She continually pushes me to do my best, even when all I want to do is quit. Not only did I gain a personal trainer, but Frankie has also become a good friend.

When I heard about the Spring Meltdown Challenge, I knew I wanted to do it – not just for a potential prize at the end, but because it was just the extra kick I needed. I also wanted to have a solid period of time where I could track my progress and see what was possible. Over the 12 weeks, I’m excited to say that I’ve lost 7.4 lbs. of fat and gained 16.4 lbs. of muscle. What’s even more exciting, though, is that’s just the beginning.

I’m still a long way off of where I want to be, but with the help of World Health, and especially Frankie, I know I’ll be able to reach those goals.

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