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Location: World Health Macleod

One of the best moments during my training was when I was finally able to do my first pull up. After that I did five and haven’t stopped since. Lifting weights has been very rewarding and I have developed a new appreciation for the impact and benefit of working out. When I was first learning to lift I tried the deadlift. More and more I began to enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that came with each set. Now, I can deadlift more than my body weight and it is far from the 45 lbs. bar my trainer started me on.

I am fitter, better, faster and leaner than before and owe it to the guidance and hard work my trainer and I put in. I have lost a total of 11.5 lbs. of fat and dropped 8% body fat in two months.

Personal Training was by far the most effective method for being able to reach my fitness goals. It not only provides a set appointment that you are responsible for keeping but it makes you accountable to yourself and someone else. On those days when the 3 p.m. slump would hit and I just wanted to go home, knowing that I had an appointment to keep made me drag myself to the gym and after I felt so much better. Having previously only focussed on cardio, learning how to properly lift was definitely necessary. Doing the Spring Meltdown was an amazing challenge and I am excited to see how much further I can go with it.

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