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Until the venerable age of 32 I had worked outside of the downtown core for most of my career. I had stayed active, through sport mostly, and found time to not eat too terribly. Cue the downtown-working environment. A very busy work lifestyle meant horrible eating and inactivity replaced all workouts. I was slowly coining the term “skinny fat”.

Hockey injuries had also left me with three fractures in my back. This lead to poor posture and resulted in chronic back pain and weekly trips to the chiropractor just for relief.

I had met personal trainer Kevin Fukami a few years before, and when I finally came downtown I decided to join World Health Bay Club largely under his enthusiasm; however, this did not immediately change much of the new unhealthy lifestyle I was employing.

Kevin had always done a fantastic job of staying in touch and attempting to convince me to come to the gym if even for a brief workout. I eventually received a curious text from Kevin: a snapshot of a computer screen. It was my member sign-in over the previous 12 months. There were literally just 3 entries.

Kevin provided commentary to remind me of the occasions that had actually brought me in:

  1. Introductory sign in.
  2. To come visit Kevin and have a coffee.
  3. A shower during Stampede.

I am no detective, but I had a hunch (literally); a healthy life balance including diet and exercise meant that I wouldn’t be walking around ready to ring a tower bell.

I signed up for training with Kevin for the eight-week fitness challenge. With his infectious encouragement, and the strong will to change, I transformed very quickly.

I knew I had worked hard, but the results surprised me. I dropped 15 lbs. of fat and gained lean muscle; down 13 lbs. overall. I dropped 7.5% of my body fat, going from 20.4% to 13.9%. I gained 5 cm in my chest, and dropped 11 cm in my waist. I affected my body so positively that I actually grew 1 inch due to an improvement in posture.

More importantly, this eight-week endeavour has helped me establish a new routine, a new lifestyle and the motivation to continue the hard work without the fear of a huge hill looming.

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