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Previous World Health Calgary Challenge Winner

Location: World Health Richmond

Basic truths: diet and exercise are the keys to being healthy and in shape; everyone knows this. The problem, as I see it, lies in how these concepts are defined. As individuals we entertain a widely varied definition of diet and exercise and it seems as though few get it right as evidenced by rampant weight and conditioning issues; therefore, most seeking physical improvement look for guidance.

In the past, my guidance came from magazines, books, videos and wannabe fitness gurus selling their versions of snake oil on the internet. While basic truths may have emerged, the endlessly regurgitated dogma was typically uninformative and notoriously difficult to perform safely. Ultimately third party advice did little to aid me in refining my concept of diet and exercise and as a result did not reach my goals.

Upon starting this eight-week challenge I determined to work with the staff at World Health rather than go it alone. As a result my concept or definition of diet and exercise was changed significantly. Previous understanding of proper exercise had me running endless miles on a treadmill in order to lose weight. It didn’t work. I could run a long way but the fat-burning result I was looking for did not happen. My personal trainer Chris introduced a new method and almost immediately things began to happen.

From a dietary standpoint I assumed that if I ate a healthy diet my weight and overall well-being would be fine, again the result I was looking for did not happen. My wife found a book specifically on fat loss recipes and World Health Richmond nutrition coach Julianne gave some tips on when, what and how much to eat from this diet and again the results were immediate and shocking.

Long story short, something I thought I could never do, especially after turning 50, has happened. In about eight weeks I dropped over 20 pounds and gained some definite muscle. I redefined my body, training methods, eating habits and concepts of what it takes to do all this. This has changed my life to the point where I feel so much better all the time, my joints are not aching and I am sleeping better just to name some of the benefits. My health and fitness has improved to the point where the flu that was going around Calgary a few weeks ago hit me one day and was literally gone the next day, instead of being sick for a week like others.

I’d like to thank some people who supported me over the eight-week challenge. My wife who lived it with me, no reservations, just support; she is amazing. To my trainer Chris who tailored a fantastic workout regimen and with continuous, positive re-enforcement helped me rise to a new level of conditioning. Finally to the nutrition coach Julianne, who did not dictate an unrealistic diet but rather evaluated my chosen one and made it work optimally for the result I was seeking. I would not have achieved as much as I did without them.

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