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Throughout my experience I have learned a lot about proper fitness, nutrition and about myself. I joined World Health because I was the slowest personal on the hiking train, didn’t have much stamina when out bike riding, and did not have the most appealing body. I had been going to the gym for about eight months and was not seeing the results I wanted. I had no goal or drive to motivate me into pushing myself to do my best. When Ally told me about the Fall Fitness Challenge, I saw the opportunity to achieve the fitness level I wanted and gain the physical appearance I was striving toward.

Working with Ally was an amazing experience right from the start. She worked with me and around my busy schedule to make sure I was able to stick to our workout plan. Ally took the time to go through the nutrition plan with me and explain why she grouped certain foods and cut others that I once thought to be healthy. She always had a fun and challenging workout planned for me that would keep me interested and push me to my limits. Ally monitored my progress every week and adjusted my program to maximize results.

Due to being at the World Health gym three or more days a week, I developed great friendships with the people that I worked out with; also with the staff and trainers that I got to know. They would give me tips and strategies to improve my technique and stretching out my sore muscled.

As a result of the positive workout environment, the supportive staff, and my amazing trainer Ally, I now lead the pack and can go on longer, more technical hikes.I feel I have amazing amounts of energy left over and I don’t feel sluggish and unmotivated.

I gained tons of knowledge on proper eating habits and recognizing that there are healthier choices to some food. I am also able to get back into some of the clothes that I haven’t been able to wear in years, and have the confidence to wear anything and not have to worry about belly bulge or love handles sticking out.

The Fall Fitness Challenge has improved my life tremendously and has taught me to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle so that I can maintain and build on the results I achieved through training at World Health.

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