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Location: World Health Macleod

It was after having done my annual health checkup and going fly boarding that I realized I needed to lose weight and gain core strength. After meeting Russ, my trainer, I knew he would push me and tap into my competitive nature. He challenged me to the World Health Fitness Challenge. I felt I had a challenge because I am a pretty active person, but I still accepted. Russ showed faith in me and continued to push me and teach me great workouts.

Having done the challenge I know I have won something; I gained my self-discipline and internal drive that I have always wanted. I proved that fact to myself during the challenge when I was sick, away on training, and I still went to the gym.

I am very happy that World Health offers fun competitions like this. Another one I saw was 10 days without sugar. Something I now challenge myself to is eliminating sugar, stevia, and other sweeteners from my foods as much as I can, as I had realized that’s what could be hindering my final goal.

I’m pleased with my results and driven to go harder. I feel confident to do this alone as I will be going away on a project living on camp, and I can thank Russ and World Health for building this confidence in me.

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