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Location: Bankers Hall Club

Before: 130.3 lbs. BF%: 26.9 BMI: 22.4
After: 121.9 lbs. BF%: 21.2 BMI: 20.9

I began the Spring Meltdown with a great deal of apprehension but a desire to get to a better place for myself. I am a mother of two young children and finding time for myself is challenging. We have all heard the expression ‘soccer mom’ but that sounds much too complimentary, my life would best be described as ‘van lady’. I live there, eat there, write my emails there, and the only thing remaining was to exercise there. Thanks to the staff, facilities, and my personal trainer, Sarah McCulloch, at Bankers Hall Club I had a better place to exercise and I was able to achieve my goal of losing 6% body fat and 10 pounds. What seemed like a very big personal challenge is now an accomplishment that gives me a lot of satisfaction.

I think I probably share the same challenges as most moms; I don’t work downtown, so every trip to the club is a trip in the wrong direction. The facilities are so nice at the club that once I started my routine it soon became an enjoyable destination rather than a hardship or detour. I also have a group of picky eaters at home so changing my diet really meant preparing separate meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I am going to work on their food selections, but I had to get there first. In the meantime it’s been tough and an often solitary effort and the family was not joining me on this little adventure!

I have tried to stick to exercise routines before as we all have, but two things worked together this time around that helped keep me motivated. First, I had booked consistent time two to three times a week with a personal trainer. Just knowing someone is expecting you is motivation to show up. Showing up is the hard part because after that I was in good hands. I workout longer and harder when I am with Sarah than I would do on my own. One thing leads to another, and very quickly and with a few sessions behind me I began to see results. That’s when the second and biggest motivator kicked in. I started feeling better, lost cravings for junk food, stopped craving coffee in the afternoon, and could tell I was getting my energy back. As soon as I started seeing results, I began looking forward to my next workout, and was motivated to eat healthier foods.

Why should I win the Spring Meltdown challenge? I think everyone who accomplishes their goals is a winner and by the end they know it. I have had a great time doing this challenge and hope some of my experiences might help motivate others to try the same. If I do win I am not going to Disneyland, I am booking more sessions with my personal trainer!

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