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Location: World Health Edgemont

My fitness journey began when I moved to Calgary in June 2014 and knew I wanted to make a healthy lifestyle change. Being brand new to a city that I did not know many people in did not leave too many options for social opportunities or team sports, which I had become reliant on as physical exercise. I decided to join a gym in the hopes of meeting people and making healthy lifestyle choices a natural routine. I researched many gyms and fitness facilities in the Calgary area and none of them came close to the immediate connection and comfort I found in World Health Edgemont.

I was astounded with the cleanliness of the club, high performance equipment that is made available to all members and the variety of choices to meet any fitness needs. After I registered and became the newest member I was offered complimentary training sessions to start my fitness journey. I thought it would not be something that interested me at this time…I was very wrong!

After meeting Colin and discussing some of my goals it was clear that he was the type of trainer and person who genuinely cares about his clients and their needs. Colin’s approach to my goals felt realistic and something that I could achieve with his guidance and knowledge. It was at this time Colin brought the eight-week Fall Fitness Challenge to my attention. As we discussed further Colin and I both agreed I would be a great candidate for this accelerated body transformation challenge and I knew this was the motivation I needed to change my lifestyle for good.

Starting the challenge just shy of 230 lbs. I was disappointed to see the highest number on a scale in my life. I knew the months leading up to this moment had not been my best as far as healthy choices and disciplined lifestyle. I had spent the previous months quitting my job, leaving the city I grew up in, and moving across the country. It had taken its toll on my eating habits and dedication to physical fitness.

As much as I knew the eight weeks would be difficult I also knew this competition was the exact motivation I needed to be back at a weight and fitness level that I was happy with. I started working out with Colin three days a week and going to the club on my own the remaining four days. He created a plan for me that was dynamic, challenging and catered to any physical needs/weaknesses I encountered. Colin consistently asked about my physical well-being and was well aware of how to assist me in any questions or obstacles I met along the way. Colin also set me up with a registered nutritionist at the health club who created a personalized meal plan to sustain my body through the rigorous workouts. I was very grateful to see the employees of World Health Edgemont paying close attention to all aspects of fitness all while explaining each step to me in a way I could understand.

After a challenging but supportive eight weeks with Colin, I am proud of my overall transformation. Not only am I proud of the drastic physical changes I have seen but I am proud of the better understanding I have gained of overall health, nutrition and well-being. I give entire credit to Colin and the World Health team for all of my success and I look forward to continuing this path they started for me and maintaining this lifestyle they lead me to. I would like to thank World Health Edgemont and their team for all they have done for me and will continue to do for me as I set new goals in my fitness journey.

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