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Location: World Health Bay

My fitness journey started back in September 2011 when I decided I wanted to make a change for my health and body. I contacted Paul Anthony and his online DreamBody program. I was inspired by his positive nature and high energy, and although I never had the opportunity to work with him one on one, I always felt he was there to answer any questions or concerns during my 12-week transformation. By December 2011, I had lost 23 lbs. and gained some lean muscle and a whole new confidence in my appearance. Through the next year I continued on with fitness challenges and learning about the benefits of clean/healthy eating, but wasn’t really committed 100% in the process. I noticed that my body wasn’t really changing anymore, and decided that I needed to push and challenge myself to make my next significant change.

I thought whom better to connect with than Paul Anthony, the best personal trainer in Alberta! After the New Year I hauled my butt down to World Health for an assessment with Paul. I was intimidated to be training with a man who trains the elite but Paul believed in me. After my assessment and my hideous before picture on January 10, 2013 I was ready for change and so excited! I was going to be the priority this time. I committed to three training sessions a week with Paul and cardio in between. I committed to the 45-minute drive one way, the extra parking cost, the cost of training, etc. to finally reach the goals I had dreamed of.

My intentions when I went to Paul were to firm up my jelly belly and thighs and to overall get leaner and fitter; however, he told me right off the bat that I should compete in fitness competitions. I was surprised and I really didn’t believe I could do it, but Paul believed I could which really helped me to the next level. How did he know that was always a childhood dream of mine? I always loved the quote, “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” What was holding me back?

I come from a family who struggles with obesity. Married to a man who couldn’t express love, I decided to start a new life eight years ago with my two children. I left everything behind including all my friends and family due to a religion that cut me off when I decided to find my own happiness. It was a struggle for sure to find myself and move forward as a single mom, and at 35 to start making new friends and social circles all over again. It was all I knew back then, but I am so happy I had the strength to move forward. So after many successes with my personal life since then I wondered what was holding me back now. Fear! Fear that I couldn’t do this! Having the support of great friends, and Paul always telling me that I was worth it and deserved this has led me to where I am now. Oh, and I did earn it. It was me who busted my butt at the gym seven days a week; me who changed my diet accordingly; me who sacrificed a special holiday trip so it wouldn’t set me back in my dream to compete this summer; me who made the extra commitment of time, money and resources to accomplish my dream. It was also Paul who paved the path and pushed my limits and never doubted I could be whatever I wanted to be.

Is my body perfect now? No, but I am working towards a goal and have a great foundation to build on. Thanks to World Health for this opportunity and the most energetic, down to earth, caring, knowledgeable trainer who really, really does care and want you to succeed. I am forever grateful for crossing paths – and for the confidence and vitality you have helped me find again!

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  1. Hi, You inspired me …. I am a mother of two wonderful kids…. however i did and still do struggle with my weight… i tried many crazy diets before … and right now at age 34 I am learning to love my body … I would love to get in touch with you please regarding your experience with Paul…he sounds like the perfect trainer for me ….

    1. Hi Naliya,
      I’ve passed along your message to our Fitness Manager at Bay Club where Paul Anthony trains.
      All the best,

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