What Is RUSH?

RUSH is a NEW dynamic fitness program. This 60-minute program is made up of timed drills that challenge your speed, agility, strength, and endurance at your own single station. With numerous exercise options, RUSH is for all fitness levels.

What Is Involved?

RUSH incorporates multi-joint movements. The class starts with a 5-stage warm-up preparing the body for the fun ahead. The “energy” track will allow you to re energize before tackling the legendary core track and well earned stretch. RUSH is the safest, most efficient, and effective cross fitness training workout possible. A total rush for your body in under an hour!

Who Is RUSH For?

RUSH is for just about anybody. Whether you are an inactive person interested in getting fit or an athlete looking a challenge. It’s at your pace, to get your results!

How Often Can You Do RUSH?

Frequency depends on your fitness goals and fitness level. Although the more you experience the RUSH, the more you can challenge yourself in the class.

How Can You Expect To Feel?

You will feel energized with the RUSH of working out. Have you ever left the gym feeling like your walking on clouds? RUSH just may do that.

Before Class
It is normal to feel apprehensive and nervous before your first RUSH class. Once you have successfully completed the first class a lot of that nervousness will disappear. Each RUSH class layout is the same. Although the exercises do change as well as the music, each stage will remain the same thus helping you familiarize and prepare yourself for your next class. You are never alone in the class your fellow classmates and our amazing instructor will guide you through the class.

During the Class
During your first class, you will be learning the ropes becoming familiar with the format and the equipment. As well as becoming familiar with the exercises and learning which intensity option is best for you. Some exercises at first glance maybe overwhelming but the instructor will always give options to ensure all fitness levels are accommodated.

After the Class
You will feel the sense of satisfaction that you have completed your first RUSH class. Be sure to take the time to pat yourself on the back. Well done. As you adjust to the new demands being placed on your muscle you are likely to experience some muscle soreness.

What To Wear

You should feel comfortable and be able to move and sweat. Most people wear shorts, t-shirts or track pants. Be sure to wear comfortable athletic shoes. Double knot those laces.

What To Bring?

Bring a towel, a water bottle, and your energy.

Arrive Early

It is important to arrive at least 10-15min before the start of class. This time will allow you to become familiar with the class setup and for the instructor to provide you with some helpful hints and to introduce themselves to you and to welcome you to your first of many RUSH classes.


Everyone is responsible to set up their own equipment. Equipment you will need to grab and set up is: Step and 2 risers, One plate , 2 hand weights, Empty bar, Mat…and a smile. General weight recommendations for the first class:

Women: Plate – 2.5 (medium size) Hand weight 2- 5lbs
Men: Plate – 5 (large size) hand weight 2-10lbs

Talk To the Instructor

Remember to talk to the instructor after class. Let them know how your first class went, how you felt and if anything was a challenge for you. The instructor will then be able to make recommendations for your next class.

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