Calgary Fitness Careers: How to Get Started

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When you surround yourself with happy and energetic people, it rubs off. Fitness professionals are upbeat and excited to come to work, not only because they love fitness but also because they genuinely enjoy working with others. We’re in a people industry. Every year World Health hires a number of members who want to start fitness careers, but where does … Read More

7 Ways to Prevent Injury During Exercise

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Most of us have experienced an injury at some point in our life and have had to take a step back from our training, sport or even just had to adapt our everyday living to accommodate. If you’ve never experienced an injury, keep that spotless track record going by adopting these healthy habits now so you don’t have to slow … Read More

6 Health & Fitness Tips For Summer

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A lot of people tend to fall off the fitness wagon over the summer. The weather is gorgeous, why would you want to spend even more time inside? Stampede, backyard barbecues, drinks on the patio – they all throw a wrench in your healthy and active lifestyle. A little detour isn’t the end of the world. Arm yourself with knowledge … Read More

How Is Stress Impacting My Health?

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Feeling stressed can be perfectly normal. You may even notice that sometimes being stressed-out motivates you to focus on your work, yet at other times, you feel incredibly overwhelmed and can’t concentrate on anything. While stress affects everyone in different ways, there are two major types of stress: stress that’s beneficial and motivating — good stress or eustress — and … Read More

Why Get a Gym Membership?

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back on track

You have a busy lifestyle. Between your family, friends and work it can be challenging to find time for the gym. Why would you need to get a gym membership in Calgary? Those that do find time for fitness learn quickly the benefits associated with regular physical activity. It is easy to say, “I’ll go to the gym tomorrow”; however, … Read More

Leave Time to Cool Down

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Time is an issue; there never seems to be enough of it, especially when it comes to our workouts. To make the most of your time in the gym, you can use these time saving exercise tips, but make sure you leave time to cool down while you’re still at the fitness centre. Cooling down will reduce recovery time, allow … Read More

Healthy Eating Habits

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When it comes to our diet, we often have strong habits. Some are good, while others are not so good. We may have learned most of these habits during childhood, but it is never too late to change them. Your nutrition plan should make you feel great, have more energy, improve your outlook, stabilize your mood and complement your workouts. Here … Read More

The Yin and Yang of Exercise

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yin and yang

The balance of yin and yang is a key factor in creating a healthy mind, body and spirit. Yang is excitable energy, uplifting, hot, brightness, and swift movements. Yin is calm energy, static, cold, solid, darkness, and rest. Generally, exercise is yang oriented with fast-paced spin classes, boot camp workouts, heavy lifts, and sprint training. All of which uplift your … Read More

Recipe: Thai Green Curry

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This rich, savoury, and mildly spicy dish is a convenient, healthy alternative to store-bought frozen dinners. It’s high in protein, complex carbohydrates, and fiber. Plus, one serving has almost half your recommended daily allowance of vitamin A and calcium! Ingredients 2 cups of cooked brown rice 1 tablespoon Thai Green Curry Paste (store bought or homemade) 1 tablespoon coconut oil … Read More

The Importance of Quality Sleep

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better sleep

If you’re not getting your beauty rest, you’re not likely seeing the results of the hard work you’re putting in at the gym. The other day I had a friend approach me looking for my advice on some concerns she had regarding her fitness. She was not happy with her results after putting in tons of cardio time after work, … Read More