World Health Raises Over $10,000 for Wellspring with Toupee for a Day

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You may have walked into a World Health fitness centre on Wednesday, March 5 and thought, “What is everyone wearing on their head?”

Let’s start with the background story. Over the last few years, World Health has held an Annual Charity Golf Tournament for members and staff that supports Wellspring Calgary – a warm and welcoming community that provides a comprehensive range of support, resources and programs for anyone living with cancer and the people who care about them, so they can improve the quality of their lives.

To grow this relationship and continue giving back to our community, World Health wanted to bring Wellspring Calgary into the clubs with their Toupee for a Day campaign.

No prep, no shaving, no training, no growing. We just pledged to wear a multi-coloured toupee for one day to raise funds and awareness for Wellspring Calgary, so no one has to face cancer alone.

But why a multi-coloured toupee?

The Wellspring toupee has been created using 10 different colours of “hair”. The hair represents a variety of different coloured cancer ribbons from some of the most common cancers, and includes a lavender ribbon for supporters. The emotional journey faced by people diagnosed with cancer, as well as those who support them, is very similar regardless of the type of cancer. Wellspring Calgary supports ALL people affected by cancer and all cancer supporters.

“World Health is committed to making our community a great place to live and lead a healthy and active lifestyle regardless of the challenges life brings,” said Joel Price, Fitness Director, World Health. “We are proud to support Wellspring Calgary, which plays an integral role in healing the body, mind, and souls of individuals and families dealing with the effects of cancer.”

World Health is proud to announce that we raised over $10,000 for Wellspring Calgary during Toupee for a Day.

For more photos from Toupee for a Day, visit the World Health Calgary Facebook page.

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