World Health Calgary 10-Day Detox Sample Plan

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World Health 10 Day Detox

The first thought that comes to mind with a detox is deprivation. You think hunger, starvation, strange food and juice cleanses. You may feel better by the end, but is it worth all the suffering? What if you didn’t have to suffer? There is a type of detox that involves delicious and healthy food. It’s a reboot for your health and will jumpstart your metabolism. It’s easy to follow, will leave your feeling fabulous and you may even lose a few pounds. ​

In order to download your 10-Day Detox sample plan kindly tell us who you are. Please note this plan combines a 10-day Detox sample plan with a free no-obligation 7-day pass to begin your fitness journey with World Health Calgary.

What to Expect

Over the course of this detox you should expect to experience low energy the first couple of days due to the work demand that has been placed on the body to push toxins out. You may even experience a little bit of sickness. Stay strong, by the end of the week energy levels should pick up due to the abundant nutrients and improve digestion. By day 10, if followed in detail, you can experience a 5-10 lbs. weight loss due mostly to improve function within the body. Once you finish, provided you make good choices and are involved in an exercise program, weight should come off fairly quickly and stay off.

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