7 Reasons You Should Workout With A Personal Trainer

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workout with a personal trainer

Deciding to workout with a personal trainer will allow you to get the most out of your fitness routine. They offer an individualized fitness plan, with every workout custom-tailored to your goals. Not only will they lead you through it, they’ll help you understand the movements and push you to your fullest potential.

Here are seven reasons your should workout with a personal trainer:


Each training session is an appointment with the gym to better yourself. When someone is waiting for you with your workout planned, it makes it harder to skip your workout.

They’re Prepared

It’s leg day, but you don’t know what to do. No problem, your personal trainer has a workout routine planned for you! A trained professional will design a balanced program while striving for maximum results. Along with the exercises you perform, this can include things such as basic nutrition guidance, or injury rehabilitation to ensure a safe and efficient return to fitness.

Better Than A Mirror

Trying to keep an eye on your form in the mirror can sometimes be difficult in addition to counting your reps, timing and remembering to breathe. A personal trainer will make sure your form is correct and be able to tweak it as you go.

Try Something New

A personal trainer will introduce you to new types of fitness.From kettlebells, to Olympic lifts, HIIT workouts, or mobility moves, a personal trainer can introduce you to new things on the fitness floor. New exercises will challenge both your body and your mind while keeping your workouts different and fun.

Push Past Plateaus

You’ll see results at the beginning of any fitness routine, but if you don’t change it up you’ll eventually plateau. A personal trainer will introduce you to a periodized training plan, which involves the cycling of various exercises, weights and repetitions in different phases as you progress through your program. Each phase change allows you to push past the plateau line for ongoing results.

Continued Improvement

We’ve all been guilty of backing away from lifting heavier or reducing the treadmill speed. Sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry, but we too often doubt our limits. A personal trainer will be there to crank up the speed or spot you; the help to push you to your perceived limits can make all the difference.

See You Sweat

Your personal trainer will delight in seeing you sweat. Out of breath? Feel that familiar shake in your muscles? Good! It’s a sign of a workout well done by both you and them.

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