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Many individuals hold exercise in a negative light; they consider it to be something that must be done, rather than something that could be enjoyed.  This does not have to be the case. You can achieve the results that you want and still have fun. This is why you should try group fitness class. From Zumba to Yoga, Rush, Fire or Kick we offer a variety of classes to suit everyone’s needs, at all times, throughout the day or night.

Myth: I am not a class person

What is not to love about a class environment? The combination of improving your fitness, meeting new people with the same goals of health, and being encouraged through detailed instruction by a certified professional – it will be a confidence boost. As that confidence builds, you will realize that nothing is too difficult for you to achieve. Don’t go to the gym alone when you can exercise in a group, increase motivation and add enjoyment to your fitness program. All classes are included with your membership.

Myth: You have to be “in shape” before you can try a class

World Health Calgary group fitness classes are created for all levels. Our certified instructors cater to every fitness level from beginner to athlete in a safe and effective manner, by giving options. There is no need to worry about not keeping up, it’s all about pushing yourself to your limits and doing what you can. We thrive on creating a comfortable experience so all participants feel a sense of belonging and personal success.

Myth: Group fitness classes are only for women

Some of us may live in the past of women doing “Jazzercise” and men only doing weights. Well, I can tell you that, like technology, the health industry has evolved!

Our classes have been designed with both men and women in mind. We encompass a wide variety of challenging cardio and strength workouts that even the most athletic, conditioned male would find challenging. Hundreds of calories are burned per hour, helping us to break up the monotony of our routines with new, challenging workouts.

The advantages of joining a group fitness class are more than just the health benefits; it’s also about the relationships you build with yourself, other members and your instructor.  Of course, you are serious about exercise and you want some serious results but why not have some fun with it, too?

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