TRX Workouts

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More than likely you’ve walked into your fitness club and noticed those black and yellow straps dangling down somewhere from up above wondering to yourself, what the heck are those things? Perhaps you saw someone performing acrobatic-like exercises while using this device and pondered, why on earth would someone do that? To answer these questions, peruse this article and achieve a better understanding as to what the hype is all about.


Suspension training is a revolutionary style of exercise where a variety of multi-planar/compound exercises can be performed. The TRX (Total-body Resistance Exercise) suspension training system was developed by Randy Hetrick (former US Navy Seal) in the 1990’s and later marketed in 2005. It has made its way into fitness clubs all over the globe. It is endorsed by athletes like Drew Brees and celebrities like Jennifer Lopez.


There are over 300 exercises that can be performed on the TRX. All exercises have progressions and regressions. The biggest benefit to the TRX is that it develops total body conditioning especially in relation to core strength. Whether you’re doing a single leg balance exercise like the split squat (see workout) or doing an abdominal targeting exercise like the pike, core engagement is just a given when using the TRX. Another phenomenal feature is the ability to train around any injury. Clients with knee and/or shoulder injuries have all progressed by leaps and bounds through consistent use of the TRX.

Styles of Workouts

The TRX can tailor to any fitness goal you have. Just starting to get back into the gym? Basic exercises like the Body Row, Back Step Lunge and Chest Press will get things moving in the right direction. Take those same exercises, add in some resistance and now we’re on our way to developing strength that can build lean muscle. What’s left is a metabolic regime where we pick up the tempo, cut down the rest time and get your sweat on. This style of workout can bring you closer to that weight loss goal, or help you get in tip top conditioning for the sport you love.

“TRX has added another dimension to my fitness goals and as a result I am in the best shape of my life. Trying this style of training has really improved my strength and mobility.” – Glenn, Midnapore World Health member


1)TRX Split Squat
2)TRX Back Step Lunge
3)TRX Body Row
4)TRX Chest Press

Basic Workout: 2-3 Sets of 10-15 Reps (per side where applicable) with 30-60 seconds rest between sets. To increase difficulty, superset (no rest) exercises 1 & 2 as well as 3 & 4.

Metabolic Workout: 3-5 Rounds of all 4 exercises, 20 repetitions (per side where applicable) with 90-120sec of rest in between rounds.

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