Time Saving Exercise Tips

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“I want to exercise more, but just don’t have time!”  

Despite best intentions, finding time to workout can be tough amidst the daily family and career responsibilities. Our priorities have such great competition that despite best intentions our health and fitness is often sacrificed.

Subtracting the time we take in a day to sleep, go to work, and prepare, this leaves an average of about six to eight hours on a typical weekday to ourselves. This often leads to either rushed workouts or stagnant sessions where one may feel unfocused and lethargic.

Here are some time saving exercise tips to help you increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your workouts.

Plan Ahead

If you come into the gym without a plan or a set goal in mind, it will be very difficult to be efficient with your time. Spend a few minutes writing down your exercises along with sets and reps centred on your overall goal and you will spare plenty of minutes contemplating what to do next. Also, realize that working out during peak hours can throw a wrench into the works. Workout momentum can come to a halt if there is a wait for a certain piece of equipment. In addition to writing out your plan, come up with an alternative if you anticipate someone may be already using what you need. You can always ask to work in if necessary.

Perform Big Lifts

Incorporate large compound exercises into your strength training routine, which target large muscles groups. Front squats, deadlifts and chin-ups can efficiently train multiple muscles at once to increase the effectiveness of your session. In addition, they contribute towards greater hormone release, which can help you gain muscle and torch fat much more effectively than isolation exercises such as dumbbell curls and crunches. If you are in for a quick workout, full-body movements such as cleans and kettlebell swings can get your heart going fast. These routines can be accomplished in under 25 minutes if you stay focused.

Employ Supersets

Performing two exercises back to back without rest can drastically shave minutes off of your workout time. They are great for increasing the workload on your muscles leading to improved gains. Additionally, cardiovascular effects also arise from the fact that you are decreasing rest time, thereby boosting your metabolic rate to burn fat. Try supersetting opposing muscles groups to cover more bases if you are short on time.

Incorporate Intervals

Interval training for cardio can be more effective than steady-state training. Both your aerobic and anaerobic thresholds can be pushed more greatly, leading to better results. Interval training can also be less tedious and more efficient. Play around with your interval times until you find something comfortable yet challenging.

Keep Your Phone Away

Way too many people bring their cell phones with them to the gym floor during their workouts. It is one of the most common time wasters as people spend much longer than they think during their rest periods on their phone. You are there to focus on yourself, not to text others or update your status. Of course, many people use their phones as music players or watches. Invest in one of those individual products alone and you will be less prone to suddenly realize you have rested much longer than needed.

Train With a Friend

Training can be motivating and encouraging when you have someone else around. Barring any unnecessary chatter, a workout partner can help push you towards lifting more, running faster, etc. if you have a competitive tendency. Time can be better managed as you will be more aware of it elapsing when another is with you.


Despite differences in lives between individuals, one thing remains the same: everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. For many people, those 24 hours may seem a lot less, which in turn cause us to rush through our daily activities, including the time we spend at the gym. Take a moment to assess your own situations and you will realize that the minutes you can save on a daily basis can summate to a much greater amount.

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