Create Time for Fitness Success in the New Year

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success in the new year

As the calendar flipped into 2018, most of us set some sort of goal we would like to achieve in order to improve our health and fitness.

Although there are many reasons why the majority of people fail to achieve success in the New Year, next to lack of motivation the second most common reason is time management.

I have never in my 10 years of being a coach seen anyone achieve great results from working out 2-3 times per week, eating a salad every now and then for lunch, all while sitting most of the remaining 165 hours per week.

Great results are achieved through daily dedication to movement. Yes, 10,000 steps or standing on your feet help but also pushing yourself in the gym on a regular basis. Achieving better health is one thing but if you want to lose excess body fat, you should be getting your heart rate up and start sweating most days of the week.

Making that change is difficult for most. Unless exercise is already a priority you likely already have something occupying your time. What is it? Are you working too much? Spending too much time on social media, watching television or doing repairs around the house? Something has got to give. You are more likely to slip back into old habits than adopt new ones unless you are really inspired.

If your time is already committed, what can you eliminate to make time for exercise? Kids activities might be a no, but most of us could probably spend less time on social media. That will save the average person two hours a day.

With making time for exercise, you also have to dedicate time to grocery shopping and cooking healthy food. Very small percentage of your day should come from food made in a restaurant or from a box no matter how healthy they claim to be. I can tell you after being in the back of many restaurants and reading endless amounts of nutritional information: eating out, and consuming processed foods is not going to get you the results you’re looking for. At least for the long term.

After my racing season this year I pre-made the commitment to keep myself active. I go to the climbing gym Mondays, Wednesdays, and once on the weekends. I run every Tuesday night and Saturday morning, as well as attend a stretching class followed by weights on Thursday evenings. This is part of my schedule. Like work, I didn’t miss it. Take a good look at your week and see when you can schedule your workouts in. Once they get scheduled stay firm with the appointments. Things will always come up, and if you give in to them you’ll never achieve the success you’re looking for.

If life is too busy right now to dedicate yourself to frequent exercise and preparing foods at home that is fine as well. Any exercise is good for the health. Any vegetable you choose over processed carbohydrates is healthy for you. You just won’t see the changes you’re looking for in your body composition.

Lost on what to do? Hire a coach. World Health offers three complimentary Cardio Resistance Training sessions to teach you how to use the selectorized weight training equipment as well as two sessions with a personal trainer. Many locations offer nutrition coaching as well.

Written by Josh Stryde, Regional Nutrition Director and Personal Trainer at Calgary Place World Health.

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