Stop Looking for a Quick Fix

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Getting “healthy” can seem like a daunting task. What does that even encompass? You may need to turn your eating habits around or get your fitness back on track.

You set out with good intentions and buy only vibrant vegetables and fruit, lean proteins and healthy fats at the grocery store.

The voice in the back of your head says, “I’m going to eat healthy this week!” but a day later you’re battling with excuses like, “I don’t have the time”, “healthy food doesn’t taste good” or “this is too hard”.

That’s often when we look for a quick fix like a juice cleanse, shakes or some other completely unsustainable diet. You must remember, quick fixes are just that – quick and temporary.

Tough Love

You may lose some weight and feel good but are you going to be able to maintain these results in the long run? Probably not. There is no such thing as a sustainable quick fix.

There is no pill, no special shake, or no magic workout DVD that is going to do it for you. You have to create healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle.

Change Your Thinking
You need to make healthy choices day in and day out. Does this mean you can never have pizza and ice cream ever again? No. It means you find a way to balance so that you can live your best life.

Health and fitness is a lifetime commitment. Shift your focus from the scale to your healthy active lifestyle, and become more active on a daily basis instead of just the hour you are at the gym two or three times per week. Take the stairs, walk to a further bus stop, and get outside.

Permanent results come from permanent changes in your diet and lifestyle. It is that simple. Stop looking for an easy way out when the truth is to create healthy, consistent habits. Turning your eating habits and exercise routine around can seem like such a daunting task, but we can help. Seek support, accountability and programming from a personal trainer, or get motivated by the social atmosphere of group fitness.

It may be hard in the beginning, but once you get a taste of how good your body is meant to feel, you won’t ever look back.

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