How to Stay Motivated When You’re Struggling

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Approaching the end of the month, your initial motivation may be dwindling. It was easy to jump in to new goals and resolutions full force on the first of the month but now you seem to be struggling to stick with the same routine. You don’t want to quit – and we don’t want that for you either – so here are a few ways to stay motivated when you’re struggling.

Get a Trainer or Take a Class

Having a scheduled appointment time at the gym will keep you motivated to show up, and that’s often the most difficult part of the workout. From there, all you have to do is move. A Personal Trainer will be an extra expense, but it is also an investment in your health and one of the best ways to see results. If you’re looking for a more economical option, all group fitness classes at World Health are complimentary with a membership. Just sign up for a Zumba or Lift class, and you’ll have a fun and supportive group to join you in your workout.

Support System

When you planned your goals for the year you most likely wrote them down and told other people about them. Go back and read your goals, post them somewhere where you can see them every day and reach out to your support system and ask for them to hold you accountable. Text them when you go for your workouts, and ask them to check in with you to see how your progress is going.


Sharpen up on your Excel skills and make sure to chart your progress. You can create a spreadsheet, or it can be as simple as marking an ‘X’ on your calendar or logging your exercise and food intake using an app on your phone. It can be rewarding to look back on your progress and to see how far you’ve come, and it can help you to keep going. Studies show that if you document your progress, you’ll begin to feel more competent.

Think About the Benefits

Instead of thinking about how hard something is going to be, think about what you will get out of it. Write down why you want to accomplish your goal. Maybe you’ll lessen your risk of heart attack and be able to stop taking medications. Or maybe you’re looking to sleep more sound and improve your mood. Think about the benefits to your health, to your lifestyle, and to your confidence.

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