Small Changes For A Healthy Lifestyle

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Changing your lifestyle can feel like a large, drastic, and sometimes scary change. Just because we know that the change we want to make is good for our health, does not make the task any easier. Creating new habits by focusing on small changes or one specific task at a time, can make this transition easier to manage and allow you to make your new desired change a true habit.

The key to making small habit changes is choosing the right time to incorporate it into your day. You need to piggyback your new tiny habit with a habit that is already in your everyday routine. For example, say you often forget to brush your teeth at night and wanted to make that a small change (to brush your teeth). You would make your goal “After I wash my face before bed, I will brush my teeth” until it becomes part of your routine where you no longer have to remind yourself, and at that point you could choose to tackle another tiny habit.

The formula behind small changes is simple. Put your desired habit change after an already mundane, everyday task. Follow the formula “After I [insert your mundane everyday task], I will [insert your new desired habit].”

Now that you have a tool in your pocket, go ahead and make yourself a small change! Maybe you want to drink more water, walk a few more steps, or get to bed on time. Regardless of what your goals are, making small, manageable changes in your lifestyle will allow you to reach your desired goal.

Here are three examples to get you started:

  • After I eat a meal, I will drink 250ml of water
  • After I answer two e-mails, I will move (like standing up or stretching)
  • After I brush my teeth for the night, I will get my gym bag ready for the next day

Do you have a trick or tool that you use to help you achieve your goals? Comment and share down below!

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