Rushing to Relax

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We have all been there at some point. The feeling the anxiety, stress and constant chatter of our world. We rush from one thing to another, from one experience to the next. This is especially common during the rush toward the holiday season. Imagine that every experience was peaceful without any judgment. This is possible, but in order for this to happen you need to take your learnings from yoga practice off your mat and into everyday life. When you’re running from one place to another, take a look at how you feel, take a breath and enjoy life. Notice the sensation and the feeling. Notice how many great people are in this world and smile. Don’t race to get places, leave earlier.

Here are three things you can practice to cultivate awareness and gratitude:

  • Take six full breaths when you wake in the morning
  • When you say hello, look that person in the eye
  • Leave earlier. Allow more space for life to happen so you may enjoy all your experiences and interactions

Change is all around us as we shift into the cooler weather of late fall and the winter season. We can witness this in the foliage of the trees, the darker mornings and the drop in temperature. We are starting to head inwards and will start to spend more of our days tucked away in the safe haven of our homes.

As we retreat to the great indoors, invite yourself to reflect by way of journaling or meditation for the year that is quickly approaching its end. Perhaps the year has been everything you have imagined (and more) and perhaps the year hasn’t been everything you have expected. Reflect on the lessons the universe is bringing to you and remember that life truly is beautiful; even when it’s not.

We need to see clearly from truth. Cultivate your awareness. Don’t run from yourself, but rather settle with yourself. Do the things that only you know how to do.

Sit down in the cozy embrace of your home and start to think about what you’re really looking for in life and do not be afraid to write it down. Pen to paper without judgments or reservations. Together, we can support each other and act as a light for each other.

Slow things down enough so that you can enjoy the world shift at your feet, and so you’re not always rushing to relax.

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