Run for Health

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Why do we run?

Most people run for health and to stay active. We all know the movement, and you only need a pair of good running shoes. Running allows you to set a goal for yourself, whether you are looking to compete in a race, lose weight or simply start on a path towards a healthy and active lifestyle.

What are you running for?

  • Improves cardiovascular endurance
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves body composition
  • Improves bone density
  • Increases metabolism

Running is a great way to improve cardiovascular fitness; however, many people will become injured. Research shows that between 26 and 85 per cent of recreational runners will sustain an injury.

Being faced with an injury can be discouraging – especially if it sets you back from a goal you are aiming for. When this happens, you might be tempted to continue to run rather than stop and treat your pains. While this may work in the short term, at some point that injury you never let heal will come back, perhaps worse or perhaps somewhere else. Take time off to have an athletic therapist diagnose the injury and plan how to treat it. Taking a break when you have an injury doesn’t have to set you back. It is possible to come back to training with more strength, endurance and commitment than ever before.
Novice runners often do not have the lower extremity strength needed to prepare them for the demands of running, especially in the ankles.

It takes more than running to become a better, stronger, faster runner. A great way to plan your workout schedule is to utilize the services of a personal trainer. You’ll stay motivated and focused because you will be held accountable. Hit the weights and strengthen your legs, arms and core, practice yoga to increase flexibility and try some cross training for aerobic training with less impact.

No matter what your goal, your speed, or experience, you are a runner because you run. Now go hit the pavement and run for health!

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