The Personal Training Relationship

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You’ve decided to make a change in your life, and living a healthy and active lifestyle is part of it. Working with a Personal Trainer has many benefits, including support and guidance along the way to transformation. You are ready to work hard, change your mindset, and progressively turn your life into the picture of balance while learning the tools necessary to sustain results.

It’s more than a before and after photo, and while the results seen in front of the camera are impressive, your fitness journey with a Personal Trainer is meant to be a learning experience, a relationship, and most importantly a combined effort.

Here are a few ways you can create a successful personal training relationship:

Identify Yourself

For those new to fitness, what are you looking to achieve? What are the major circumstances behind stepping foot in the gym? Put some thought into this one. Aside from looking and feeling better, how will this positively affect you, your health, your quality of living, your occupation, your outlook, your family and friends? It may be the success of somebody else that you see that gets you there, but it is a complete understanding of your agenda that will keep you there.

Your trainer is here to help, and will find the best way to do it effectively once you can help them identify you and your goals.

Learn From Each Other

A fitness professional has the power to add longevity, quality, and clarity to the lives of the people that they work with. Knowing this, you should use this resource to your advantage. Showing up for a workout is one thing, but having a clear understanding of what you are doing and why you are doing it just makes success that much easier. Each new person you meet comes with a whole life worth of education, experiences, successes and failures.

Relate With Each Other

We are fighting the same battles. How do we improve our overall quality of living? How do we become better personally and professionally? How do we get the most out of life? We are all in this together so what better place to relate, collaborate, and initiate a better standard of living than in the gym? Work on answering these types of questions together and it becomes very surprising what may come out of it.

Have Fun

For those of you looking to enter a structured training environment, this should be a major part of your expectations. The last thing that you want is an environment where you dread each session. Yes, this is a time of your day to put your body and mind to the test, but doing it with a smile on your face is what will keep you engaged in your decision to make a positive change in your lifestyle.

You may think you want the ‘arms crossed, stern, all-business’ looking trainer, but what will ensure you keep coming back and achieving results is an environment that allows you to interact, laugh, work hard and ultimately feel better about yourself.

Bring Your Best

You get what you put into the experience. For those of you looking to make a positive change in your activity, bring everything that you can to the table when it comes to your workouts. Things happen; we deal with stress, fatigue, long hours, nutrition, injuries, aches, pains, you name it. Ultimately, do what you can. Whatever your circumstances may be for that particular day, as long as you are giving it as much effort as you are able to shell out what more can you ask for?

This is a unique relationship where you have two parties working together to achieve one overall goal: to improve. Where the idea of unity is highlighted in any significant success story that you see or hear, this scenario is no different. It will be how well you and your personal trainer can operate as a whole that will define your own individual bottom line.

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