What To Look For In A Personal Trainer

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Whether you are looking to improve your current fitness level, want to address a personal health issue or you want to take your workouts to the next level, personal training is the perfect solution.

This person’s job is to assess your fitness, help you set goals, and teach you the best way to exercise. There are many benefits of working with a personal trainer, but by mixing their services into your weekly workout routine, you’ll learn new things, keep on task, and be held accountable for when you start skipping lunges.

A trainer also provides:

  • Guidance on reaching your goals
  • Education about strength training, cardio and basic nutrition
  • A reason to show up at the gym each week
  • Ways to help track your progress

All World Health Calgary, personal trainers are certified by a reputable fitness organization such as the Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association (AFLCA), canfitpro, the largest organization of its kind in Canada, or others. Certification exams cover exercise physiology, training and exercise procedures, nutrition, functional anatomy of the body and weight management. Current certifications in CPR and First Aid are also required. Some will even have a degree in the exercise/fitness field.

What Should You Look For?

You can’t read minds, so both you and your trainer should talk and listen so everyone is on the same page in terms of your goals. When you first meet with a potential personal trainer, make sure to ask questions. Ask about their training philosophy and the specific things they will do to help you reach your goals.

Here are some questions to get you started:

  • What kind of experience do you have?
  • What kind of motivational techniques do you use to help your clients reach their goals?
  • Knowing my specific fitness goals, what kind of workout plan will you develop to help me?
  • How often will you change my workout routine?
  • What types of clients have you worked with in the past?
  • What are your specialities?

You don’t always get along with everyone you meet, and it’s no different with the personal trainer and client relationship. You want to make sure you and your trainer see eye-to-eye on the same things for your health and fitness journey, can work well together, and have fun during your workouts.

Finding a personal trainer who makes you feel comfortable enough to expose your biggest flaws can be challenging, but they’re called “personal” trainers for a reason. They’re there to guide you to your personal fitness goals.

You utilize the services of a personal trainer because they are an expert in their field. They will push you past your comfort level, something that is difficult to do on your own and teach you proper form, the muscles you are targeting, and why it is important to incorporate certain exercises into your routine.

If you have a specific medical problem, injury or condition (such as being pregnant, difficulty getting pregnant, heart problems, diabetes, etc.) make sure your trainer has education and experience working with clients that have faced similar conditions.

It’s not always easy to find a trainer that fits you just right. If you’re having trouble, ask your gym for advice on which person might work best with your style. Word-of-mouth is also a good way to find a trainer since it helps to get feedback from someone who has already used the trainer’s services. Just keep in mind that what works for one person doesn’t always work for another. Your friend might respond well to tough love, but that might not be for you.

At World Health, we are dedicated to creating customized fitness plans for each client and will work closely with you to ensure that you reach the goals you have set out for yourself.

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