Try It: HIIT Workout

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lose body fat

The realization that spring is here seems to hit us all at the same time; one of these days we’ll remember it happens every year. This is often followed by a wave of Instagram photos about preparing for summer bodies and meal prep to start cutting. Do not fret, my buff body hopefuls, we have just the workout for you: High … Read More

What is High Cholesterol Telling Me?

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Believe it or not cholesterol is a gift. It is naturally made by the body in order to protect your arteries, among many other things. Dietary cholesterol, on the other hand, has very little to do with actual cholesterol in the body. When you have high cholesterol it is an indication of excess damage to the arteries. Main contributors of … Read More

6 Ways to Feel Good In and Out of the Gym

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We could probably all take better care of ourselves – in and out of the gym. Feeling good involves taking care of both your physical health and your emotional needs. Think about how you might pay better attention to your overall well-being. Is it by eating a healthier diet? Making more time for fun in your life? Getting more exercise? … Read More

How To Recover From An Injury

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One of the most frustrating experiences is dealing with an injury. You’ve dedicated yourself to living a healthy and active lifestyle when you get stopped in your tracks. Taking a step back from training, or even adapting everyday activities can be a big challenge physically and mentally. Here are some ways you can help yourself recover from an injury and … Read More

TRX Workouts

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More than likely you’ve walked into your fitness club and noticed those black and yellow straps dangling down somewhere from up above wondering to yourself, what the heck are those things? Perhaps you saw someone performing acrobatic-like exercises while using this device and pondered, why on earth would someone do that? To answer these questions, peruse this article and achieve … Read More

Recipe: Protein Balls

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Protein Balls

If you tend to get very hungry between meals, eating more frequently may be a good solution for you. Nutrient-rich snacks keep your energy level up, satisfy your hunger, balance blood sugar levels and prevent overeating. This recipe for Protein Balls features chia and hemp seeds for protein, fibre and healthy fats. Chia Seeds: Chia is very high in omega … Read More

Tips For A Better Sleep

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better sleep

Are you getting your 7-9 hours of sleep nightly? Not many of us are and it’s something most of us could use a lot more of. Sleep is your body’s number one recovery mechanism. While you are sleeping your body detoxified and repairs itself and your brain works to process information and reset itself for the next day. Lack of … Read More

What Are Branch Chain Amino Acids?

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You may have heard of these guys called BCAAs, but might not be aware of what they are, and if they can benefit you with your workouts. What Are Branch Chain Amino Acids? BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids) are actually essential amino acids part of every food that is considered a complete protein. In particular, they are leucine, isoleucine, and … Read More

Wake Up For Morning Workouts

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morning workouts

Not all of us can bound out of bed while it’s still dark out and get to the gym for when it opens. Morning workouts have numerous benefits including improved mood, a quick metabolic boost, time for other priorities and increased energy and focus for the rest of your day. Knowing the pluses still doesn’t make it easier to jump … Read More

5 Ways To Love Yoga

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Yoga is not a new thing, but it’s no longer just for the super flexible yogi, all gym-goers can benefit from the practice. There are still misconceptions and fears about a yoga group fitness class, but there is no need to be intimidated by yoga; it’s for everyone no matter gender or fitness training goal. Knowing that it is good for your mind … Read More