5 Ways To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

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avoid holiday weight gain

The holidays are a fun and celebratory time of year. Parties, dining out, and all those chocolates and baked goods, also make it a time when people tend to gain weight. Holiday weight gain is one of the biggest contributors to total yearly weight gain for many people. The good news is it’s not inevitable. These five tips will help … Read More

Overcoming Nutrition Roadblocks

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Overcoming Nutrition Roadblocks

Starting something new can often bring up fear. Doubt and unanswered questions can convince you to stop a healthy habit, like improved nutrition, even before you’ve started. With a little planning, you’ll be overcoming nutrition roadblocks in no time. I don’t have time to cook. Make time. Some of the busiest people are the healthiest eaters. You have to make … Read More

Support Your Health and Fitness with Meditation

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In the hectic hustle and bustle of life, we feel stressed. The holidays often amplify this feeling, leaving us burnt out and disconnected from those around us and even ourselves. Stress is just something that we are forced to live with, but continuous stress can have a negative impact on your heath. We take the time to care for our … Read More

An Introduction to Exercise With Prescription to Get Active

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prescription to get active

Most Canadians are not active enough in their day. Are you one of them? Jessica Clark, a young Calgarian in the first years of her professional career, is one of them. “When I was younger, I was really involved in softball; I actually found my groove in that sport,” said Clark. “I stopped when I was 18 because there wasn’t … Read More

Benefits Of A Quick Workout

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Think you don’t have time to work out? Even a super fast, quick workout can improve your health. You don’t need an hour a day to lose weight or get into great shape. A study in the European Journal of Applied Physiology found that 15 minutes of resistance training was just as effective at boosting participants’ metabolism as 35 minutes. It can be as … Read More

7 Reasons You Should Workout With A Personal Trainer

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workout with a personal trainer

Deciding to workout with a personal trainer will allow you to get the most out of your fitness routine. They offer an individualized fitness plan, with every workout custom-tailored to your goals. Not only will they lead you through it, they’ll help you understand the movements and push you to your fullest potential. Here are seven reasons your should workout with a personal … Read More

The Importance of Rest Days in Your Workout Routine

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When you get motivated and into the routine of regular exercise, it is sometimes hard to wrap your head around the idea of taking time off. With fears of slipping back to a sedentary lifestyle and losing your progress and gains, most gym-goers would rather stick to a strict gym regimen. In all actuality, getting enough rest after exercise is essential to … Read More

How to Become More Active at the Office

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There is no doubt that sitting is a necessary part of life in today’s workplace. The prevalence of sitting has steadily increased over the last century and it doesn’t appear to be a trend that is going to change anytime soon. It’s amazing the amount of time that the average North American spends in the car, in front of the T.V. … Read More

Carrot Ginger Chicken Soup

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On the hunt for some delicious winter dinner ideas? Nothing makes a cold winter night (or day) more bearable than digging into a hot and hearty meal. The solution: This season, instead of loading up on high-calorie treats, serve up a steaming hot—but still healthy—meal. This is one of our favourite easy dinner recipes, a vegetable-packed soup with a range of health benefits. This … Read More

Murph Challenge

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Join us at World Health Bay on Saturday, November 11 for the Murph Challenge, a Remembrance Day fundraiser workout for Veterans. Registration is $40 and includes a Murph Challenge t-shirt. You can register at any convenient World Health location and All proceeds will be donated to the PTSD Association of Canada, and non-perishable food items will be collected for the Veterans … Read More