What Should You Drink After A Workout?

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When it comes to choosing the best drink after a workout to quench your thirst and rehydrate there are several options to choose from. The most obvious choice for a healthful drink is water; however, if you want to help your body recover faster after a workout, or when you need to sustain your fluid levels during an intense, long-term workout, … Read More

9 Ways to Prevent Injury During Exercise

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Most of us have experienced an injury at some point in our life and have had to take a step back from our training, sport or even just had to adapt our everyday living to accommodate. If you’ve never experienced an injury, keep that spotless track record going by adopting these healthy habits now so you don’t have to slow … Read More

Holistic Nutrition Recipe: Protein Balls

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If you tend to get very hungry between meals, eating more frequently may be a good solution for you. Nutrient-rich snacks keep your energy level up, satisfy your hunger, balance blood sugar levels and prevent overeating. This recipe for Protein Balls features chia and hemp seeds for protein, fibre and healthy fats. Chia Seeds: Chia is very high in omega … Read More

Why Men Should Strength Train

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Last week we looked at the reasons why women should strength train, and this week we’ll dive into the benefits for men. Unlike women, men do not need much coaxing to step into the weight room, but there are still a few lessons to be learned. Muscle tissue is built through various strength training exercises that can include activities such … Read More

World Health Raises Over $10,000 for Wellspring with Toupee for a Day

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You may have walked into a World Health fitness centre on Wednesday, March 5 and thought, “What is everyone wearing on their head?” Let’s start with the background story. Over the last few years, World Health has held an Annual Charity Golf Tournament for members and staff that supports Wellspring Calgary – a warm and welcoming community that provides a … Read More

Holistic Nutrition: Camu Camu Vitamin C

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There are not enough good things that can be said about Vitamin C. It works as an anti-oxidant keeping us young and free of toxicity. It helps in the production of neurotransmitters and hormones keeping our brains sharp and our bodies toned. It forms collagen giving us beautiful skin. It helps us beat the common cold and other infections, and … Read More

Calgary Fitness Careers: How to Get Started

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When you surround yourself with happy and energetic people, it rubs off. Fitness professionals are upbeat and excited to come to work, not only because they love fitness but also because they genuinely enjoy working with others. We’re in a people industry. Every year World Health hires a number of members who want a career in an active and healthy … Read More

Get Fit in 30 Minutes or Less

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No time to workout? Don’t be so certain. So you’re trying to get started on a workout regimen. Great! What’s the biggest challenge of actually adhering to one? Time. Everyone would agree that it is extremely hard to find time to get into the gym. You finally make it to the gym and you’ve been told that it is at least … Read More

Holistic Nutrition: The Benefits of Omega Fatty Acids

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How important is it to supplement Omegas? First of all, what are they? Omega-3 fatty acids are a group of three essential fats: ALA, EPA, and DHA. By ‘essential’ I mean you need them in your diet; your body can’t produce them naturally. Among the many benefits: Omega-3 fatty acids are powerful anti-inflammatories, lower triglycerides, and contribute to lower levels of … Read More

World Health Recognized as One of the Achievers 50 Most Engaged Workplaces™ in Canada

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World Health has been recognized as one of the Achievers 50 Most Engaged Workplaces™ in Canada. This annual award recognizes top employers that display leadership and innovation in engaging their workplaces. “We are very excited to be recognized as one of Canada’s 50 Most Engaged Workplaces,” said Scott Wildeman, Sr VP of Operations, World Health. “We are a people organization. … Read More