How to Avoid Sugar in Your Diet

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There’s no doubt sugar is addictive. Sweetness means happiness; it’s a craving that leads to the release of our feel good hormone dopamine. We know the facts of sugar, but remember when you consume white sugar, or sugar derivatives that are not the natural kind found in fruit, you are consuming an anti-nutrient. For example Vitamin C and B found in … Read More

Healthy Choices by Season: Getting the Nutrients Your Body Needs

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As the seasons change, the environment in which we live can have a profound influence on our bodies. For some of us, the change of seasons and the resulting effects in our body are quite noticeable. These changes can significantly affect not only our immune system function but how we feel, including our mood and energy levels. By giving the … Read More

In the Community with the Mobile Fitness Unit

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At World Health, we are committed to promoting the benefits of regular exercise and helping people achieve the results they desire. This extends outside of our gym walls and into the community at any chance we get. That is why we created the Mobile Fitness Unit, a community program that brings some of our most popular group fitness classes to local Calgary … Read More

Charity Golf Tournament Raises $22,008.57 for Wellspring Calgary

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On September 14, Scott Wildeman, Sr. Vice President of Operations, had the honour of presenting Wellspring Calgary with a cheque for $22,008.57 raised at our Charity Golf Tournament. “On behalf of World Health Calgary, Spa Lady and Bankers Hall Club, I would like to personally thank all of our sponsors, participants and volunteers who made the 2014 Charity Golf Tournament … Read More

Fitness Focus: Stampeders Outriders Cheerleaders

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At first glance, it looked as though there was a Rush class happening inside the Macleod Trail World Health group exercise studio. Instead, upon entering, I came across the ladies of the Calgary Stampeders Outriders lunging and bicep curling in unison, clad in matching uniforms of black workout shorts and sports bra emblazed with the Stampeders logo. Each three-hour practice … Read More

Functional Fitness for Summer

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We are in the thick of it: the season where conversations revolve around how you want to look in your swimsuit. Pools are open and every magazine you read has an article about your summer body fitness routine. There is a part of all of us that would love to rock a bathing suit, but why is that? Truthfully, at … Read More

Strength Train to Lose Weight

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If your number one goal is to lose weight, don’t be afraid to strength train. Many gym-goers believe that lifting weights is only to increase size in the form of bulging muscles and cardio is the way to burn fat. According to Penn State University, lifting weights is the secret to fat loss. Researchers put overweight people on a reduced-calorie nutrition … Read More

Holistic Nutrition Recipe: Stampede Pancake Breakfast

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As we head into the opening weekend of the Calgary Stampede, the invitations to parties, pancake breakfasts and rodeo events seem endless. Vendors along the Stampede Midway try to top each other with the most outrageous and deep fried food to tempt visitors and expand their waistlines. Your typical Stampede Breakfast is no different. Hundreds line up for white refined … Read More

How To: Fitness and Nutrition For Abs

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A lot of people ask how they can get rid of their spare tire, love handles, muffin top – you get the point. As much as we all wish there was one easy answer, the secret to achieving flat or six-pack abs is much more complex than doing sit-ups or crunches. The reality is that it is a culmination of … Read More

Holistic Nutrition: Benefits of Gynostemma Tea

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I often recommend herbal tea for people to consume. Each tea has small medicinal benefits that improve health with time. Chamomile can help you relax before bed, peppermint can help you digest your food, licorice can help you recover from burnout and ginger tea can be antibacterial helping you fight off infections. Which one should you choose? Well, if you … Read More