Dulcee – World Health Member Success Stories

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Location: World Health Bay My fitness journey started back in September 2011 when I decided I wanted to make a change for my health and body. I contacted Paul Anthony and his online DreamBody program. I was inspired by his positive nature and high energy, and although I never had the opportunity to work with him one on one, I … Read More

Interval Training: Beast Workout

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When you think “exercise”, some might assume you’re talking about sitting on a bench and lifting some weights, while others might assume you mean going for a 5km run. In reality both are correct when you refer to the definition of the word ‘exercise’ to mean a “physical activity that is done in order to become stronger and healthier”. (Merriam-Webster, … Read More

Fitness Focus: Life After A Heart Attack

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Life is busy and we often don’t have much time for ourselves. Meetings, deadlines and social events leave us running from one commitment to the next. We want to be active and eat healthy; however, time demands and priorities leave us lacking the follow through. That was the case for Randy Lavallee, the owner of a flooring company. As he … Read More

How to Avoid Sugar in Your Diet

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There’s no doubt sugar is addictive. Sweetness means happiness; it’s a craving that leads to the release of our feel good hormone dopamine. We know the facts of sugar, but remember when you consume white sugar, or sugar derivatives that are not the natural kind found in fruit, you are consuming an anti-nutrient. For example Vitamin C and B found in … Read More

Healthy Choices by Season: Getting the Nutrients Your Body Needs

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As the seasons change, the environment in which we live can have a profound influence on our bodies. For some of us, the change of seasons and the resulting effects in our body are quite noticeable. These changes can significantly affect not only our immune system function but how we feel, including our mood and energy levels. By giving the … Read More