Recipe: Protein Balls

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If you tend to get very hungry between meals, eating more frequently may be a good solution for you. Nutrient-rich snacks keep your energy level up, satisfy your hunger, balance blood sugar levels and prevent overeating. This recipe for Protein Balls features chia and hemp seeds for protein, fibre and healthy fats. Chia Seeds: Chia is very high in omega … Read More

Tips For A Better Sleep

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better sleep

Are you getting your 7-9 hours of sleep nightly? Not many of us are and it’s something most of us could use a lot more of. Sleep is your body’s number one recovery mechanism. While you are sleeping your body detoxified and repairs itself and your brain works to process information and reset itself for the next day. Lack of … Read More

What Are Branch Chain Amino Acids?

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You may have heard of these guys called BCAAs, but might not be aware of what they are, and if they can benefit you with your workouts. What Are Branch Chain Amino Acids? BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids) are actually essential amino acids part of every food that is considered a complete protein. In particular, they are leucine, isoleucine, and … Read More

Wake Up For Morning Workouts

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morning workouts

Not all of us can bound out of bed while it’s still dark out and get to the gym for when it opens. Morning workouts have numerous benefits including improved mood, a quick metabolic boost, time for other priorities and increased energy and focus for the rest of your day. Knowing the pluses still doesn’t make it easier to jump … Read More

5 Ways To Love Yoga

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Yoga is not a new thing, but it’s no longer just for the super flexible yogi, all gym-goers can benefit from the practice. There are still misconceptions and fears about a yoga group fitness class, but there is no need to be intimidated by yoga; it’s for everyone no matter gender or fitness training goal. Knowing that it is good for your mind … Read More

Time Saving Exercise Tips

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“I want to exercise more, but just don’t have time!”   Despite best intentions, finding time to workout can be tough amidst the daily family and career responsibilities. Our priorities have such great competition that despite best intentions our health and fitness is often sacrificed. Subtracting the time we take in a day to sleep, go to work, and prepare, … Read More

Recipe: Crispy Chicken Nuggets

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chicken nuggets

Fast-food nuggets have nothing on these delicious bites. The crispy almond coating will make this quick dish a favourite in no time. If you have kids who love fast food, surprise them with this healthy baked chicken nuggets recipe. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, homemade chicken nuggets are healthier and tastier at home! Crispy Chicken Nuggets Ingredients: 3 x … Read More

Post-Workout Tips

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A lot of people feel sore after a workout. This is common after putting your muscles through a stressful workout; however, a lot of people feel as though being in pain the day after is always a good thing. This is not necessarily correct. Yes, you should feel some sort of pain the day after a good workout but there … Read More

How to Stay Motivated to Workout

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How to stay motivated to workout

Have you hit the workout wall? Maybe you haven’t exercised in days and, although you feel kind of bad about it, scrolling through your Instagram feed and watching another episode or two on Netflix sounds much more appealing. You were doing so well; what happened? It happens to the best of us. You’re doing great in your healthy journey and all … Read More

Stop Looking for a Quick Fix

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healthy diet

Getting “healthy” can seem like a daunting task. What does that even encompass? You may need to turn your eating habits around or get your fitness back on track. You set out with good intentions and buy only vibrant vegetables and fruit, lean proteins and healthy fats at the grocery store. The voice in the back of your head says, … Read More