Keep Your Workouts Engaging

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Do you feel like you’re just going through the motions? Stay committed to your healthy and active lifestyle by getting the most out of your workouts. It’s easy to feel lost or confused when putting together an exercise plan. This feeling can become discouraging and lead to you not using your membership. Instead, follow these tips to keep things interesting and you’ll stay motivated and on track to keep your workouts engaging.

Complete a Circuit

Quickly moving from one exercise right into the next is a great way to create a time-efficient, cardio-focused workout. When setting up a circuit, be sure to slot exercises that target different muscle groups back-to-back to avoid burnout.

Watch the Clock

Workouts often suffer from too much time spent chit-chatting and too many trips to the water fountain. Short, intense workouts offer the best results. Grab a stopwatch and use it to tell you when it’s time to work and time to rest.

Add Resistance

Try implementing this rule of thumb: Keep adding weight (in small 2-5 lbs. increments) to an exercise until achieving three sets of 10 reps becomes very challenging (as in almost impossible to squeeze out the final rep!). Practice with that weight until 10 reps becomes too easy and then add a few more pounds of resistance.

Write it Down

Remembering every exercise, every repetition, and every weight selected during a previous workout is nearly impossible; documenting it will keep you on track.

Add Instability

Exercises that require balance stimulate more muscle recruitment, specifically core muscles, than the same exercise done in a stable position.

Find a Partner

People who have an exercise partner are more likely to get active and stay active than those doing it on their own. Finding a workout buddy instantly increases the accountability factor and provides increased motivation to work harder during an exercise session.

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