Interval Training: Beast Workout

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When you think “exercise”, some might assume you’re talking about sitting on a bench and lifting some weights, while others might assume you mean going for a 5km run. In reality both are correct when you refer to the definition of the word ‘exercise’ to mean a “physical activity that is done in order to become stronger and healthier”. (Merriam-Webster, 2013)

Interval training is beneficial for a few reasons. The idea of interval training is the use of high intensity followed by low intensity workouts. It would be similar running combined with jogging, or even jogging with walking. If you can only do 10 jumping jacks before getting exhausted, the chances of you doing them for five minutes aren’t very high. While most would rest in between sets to give their bodies a chance to relax and recover, interval training takes advantage of the recovery time and uses it to complete strength training exercises and rest at the end of the competed set. This allows you to get the most out of your exercise in a short amount of time.

Interval training increases your EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption), which is your body’s mechanism that brings it back to its pre-workout/normal state, as well as it increases your VO2 max. Your VO2 max is the limit at which your body can transport oxygen through it and by increasing your VO2 max you’re increasing your ability to do more high intensity interval training. You might start off slow in the beginning but the more you stay consistent with it, the more you’ll be able to train your body to accomplish. Not only are you strengthening your skeletal muscle but you’re also strengthening your heart and lungs. (Jebran, N. (n.d.), 2013)

Below is an example of an exercise that captures the best of both worlds: cardiovascular training and strength training. There are many ways you can adjust this exercise to work beneficially for you depending on if you have limitations. So grab a towel and a water bottle and prepare to get sweaty!


Introduction to Beast Workout:

Each mod is meant to be done three times in a row before taking a break and moving on to the next, making sure you take your time during resistance body weight exercises. Take a 45-60 second break between mods. Can you make it through the whole workout?

Mod 1:
Run in place, knees up – 1min 30sec
Pushups – 15
Jumping Jacks – 20

Mod 2:
Run in place, knees up, hold weighted plate to chest – 1min 30sec
Triceps pushups – 15
Air jumping jacks – 20

Mod 3:
Running in place, knees up, shoulder pressing weighted plate – 1min 30sec
Dumbbell Chest Fly – 15
Mountain Climbers – 20



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