How to Stay Motivated to Workout

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Have you hit the workout wall? Maybe you haven’t exercised in days and, although you feel kind of bad about it, scrolling through your Instagram feed and watching another episode or two on Netflix sounds much more appealing. You were doing so well; what happened?

It happens to the best of us. You’re doing great in your healthy journey and all of a sudden you just get a bit lazy. The original plan is to take one day off, but unfortunately that one lazy day turns into a bunch of days. Sometimes things happen that are out of our control such as getting sick or unexpected traveling that disrupts our normal routine. One thing we can control, however, is staying motivated.

Here’s four tips on how to stay motivated to workout:

Choice of Exercise

Participating in sports/activities that you like will encourage you to be more consistent simply because you enjoy it. Try as many group fitness classes, strength training exercises and machines as you can so you can feel what you gravitate towards. Finding a workout buddy will also instantly increase the accountability factor and provide increased motivation to work harder during an exercise session.

How You Feel

Generally speaking, when you are eating healthy, nutritious food and exercising regularly, you’ll feel great. You will have more energy, be happier, and sleep better. This positive energy and confidence are noticeable and it draws others to you. It will also have people offering up genuine compliments about your attitude and appearance; who doesn’t love that?

Progress Pictures

When you look at yourself in the mirror multiple times a day, it is almost impossible to recognize the progress you make. Taking progress pictures approximately once a week will allow you to track the results that might not be showing up on the scale. Another great way to show progress is by taking measurements. After a few weeks of consistent effort, your photos and measuring tape will tell a story of your success and that will feel so great you’re bound to continue.

Long-Term Effects

Diabetes, heart disease, stroke, hypertension, cancer and osteoarthritis are just a few results of a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet. Staying active today will help reduce, reverse or prevent the health complications that are 10 or 20 years down the road.

Let today be the day that you break through that workout wall.

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