Improve Your Golf Swing

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Improve Your Golf Swing

What does it mean when we talk about an effective golf swing? There are a number of different factors that contribute to solid mechanics in the golf swing. Two crucial elements are stability and mobility. Many golfers believe swing speed is paramount and don’t often take into consideration tempo, sequencing or balance. These are extremely important when it comes to consistent and reliable ball striking. This tends to result in a confident golfer that enjoys his or her time on the course more than most.


How do you go about incorporating these elements into your fitness routine to improve your golf swing? Start with mobility. You need to ensure you have increased your range of motion in specific areas of the body. Focus on external rotation of the shoulder joint, and internal rotation of the front hip. You also need to ensure you have decent separation of the upper and lower body to create the “coil effect” at the top of the backswing. If you cannot be certain of this, it is going to make it difficult to move into the necessary positions in a dynamic way; whether, it’s the top of the backswing, impact, or through to the finish.


Once you feel confident the necessary joints are mobile, you start focusing on stabilization. Stability is the key element when it comes to swinging a golf club because you always start from a static position. As your speed develops through the swing, you need these muscles to help us maintain and control the speed of the golf club. For example, when you take it to the top, a strong gluteus medius muscle will restrict our lower body from turning further and allow the upper body to coil around this fixed point.

Remember good sequencing begins with functional mobility followed by solid stability. If you can work on these principles consciously, you will be hitting it further and straighter than ever.

Article written by Chelcia Petersen, Personal Trainer and Golf Fitness Specialist

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