Fall Into Fitness

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fall into fitness

September is my favorite month of the year in the fitness industry. January brings a lot of motivation but often poor follow through. September on the other hand, year after year, produces some of the most consistent and successful gym goers. People are relaxed after a hot summer, and ready to get into a steady routine to help keep them fit and happy for Fall.

Here are my five recommendations on how you can fall into fitness:

Start Early

Don’t procrastinate. As we enter into a new season the longer we wait, the more likely we are at putting off routine. Next thing you know it’s December.

Buddy Up

Hire a coach, enlist a workout buddy, or figure out what group fitness classes work best for your schedule. If you don’t find something to keep you accountable it can be easy to start skipping workouts.

Good Nutrition

It means good energy and a greater likelihood you are going to keep up with your routine and be happy at work. You don’t need a complete diet overhaul but make sure you are drinking plenty of water, eating lots of vegetables, and getting adequate protein.

Forget the Number

Set a goal that is not weight oriented. The most successful people I have seen are people who enjoy exercise and are shooting to lift heavier, run faster, or have better endurance. Along the way, if you’re training hard enough, weight loss comes with it.

Make it a Priority

Right after family and kids, being fit is being a better happier you. If your work doesn’t allow you the flexibility, you have to find the best way to fit it in. If you don’t make time for health now, you will eventually have to make time for sickness. People who exercise on a regular basis take less sick days and feel healthier overall.

Good luck and have a great Fall!

Article by Josh Stryde, regional nutrition director and personal trainer at World Health.

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