8 Reasons to Try Boot Camp

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We only get a few months of great weather in Alberta and we want to be able to enjoy as much of it as possible, including time working out. While it is important to continue strength training with barbells, dumb bells, or resistance equipment, boot camps offer a great outdoor complement to your routine.

The group sessions build strength and endurance and focus on functional movements like squats, push-ups and sprints to improve your daily routine.

Here are eight other reasons to try boot camp and sign up as a new recruit:

  1. Accountability – having scheduled workout days and times will keep you coming back and committed to your healthy and active lifestyle.
  2. Encouragement – one of the greatest parts of boot camp is the socialization and camaraderie between members. You’ll be given support and a bit of extra motivation from working out in a group setting…and maybe a little friendly competition.
  3. Instruction – if you’re used to working out on your own having the help of a boot camp instructor to plan the hour session, push you and keep you motivated will bring ongoing results.
  4. No Coordination Needed – it may be group exercise, but boot camp doesn’t involve any dance steps or choreography. It’s about body weight exercises and cardio drills.
  5. Mood – take the mood-boosting benefits of exercise and add those of fresh air and vitamin D from the sun. You’ll be leaving each boot camp session tired but smiling.
  6. Diverse – every day is different. You will not get bored of doing the same routine, instead you’ll target different body parts and be challenged with new drills to get you moving and sweating.
  7. Achievement – you’ll get out what you put in. If you attend regularly and continue your healthy and active lifestyle outside of boot camp sessions you can expect to blast calories, gain strength, improve endurance, see weight loss and fat loss, while boosting confidence and self-esteem.
  8. Inclusive – boot camp may have originally been a military term, but you won’t find any intimidation tactics here. Boot camp is suitable for all levels, and every participant works at their own pace.

Are you ready to sign up? Join World Health’s Adventure Race Boot Camp and get ready for your next outdoor obstacle course race.



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