10 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Gym Membership

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So you have a gym membership, now what?

You are one of the dwindling few in Canada who are making a leap forward to combat obesity. According to a 2013 Stats Canada study, approximately two thirds of men (62%) and almost half of women (45%) are classified as overweight or obese. We are plagued by a society of inactivity and poor nutrition that is crippling our population and our health care system.

We are passionate about leading the change to inspire a healthy and active lifestyle. With these 10 tips you will get the most out of your gym membership and get the results you want. Put these into practice and your probability of success will skyrocket.

Use Your Complimentary Personal Fitness Consultations

At World Health every new member gets two of these very important one-hour sessions with a qualified fitness professional and you should squeeze everything you can out of them. Consult with a professional and you will walk away with a much better understanding of your fitness goals and have an individualized program to get you there in the most effective way. This means results!

Enrol With a Friend, Family Member or Co-worker

Seems simple but studies show when you have an accountability partner you are much more likely to get to the gym more often and your workouts will also be much more fun and effective.

Use the Gym Within 24/48 Hours of Enrolling

Yes, you just made a financial commitment to your health but is there any better investment that you can make? Get the endorphins going right away. Don’t put it off.

Have a Goal and Make a Plan

Use the SMART acronym: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time orientated. Come up with a goal, whether it is dropping a pant size, adding or shedding a certain amount of body weight, or getting fit for a holiday coming up. The best results happen with the people when you have a goal to work towards. If you don’t know how to achieve these goals, consult with one of our personal trainers. Plan the work and then work the plan!

Prioritize Your Health and Fitness

Perhaps one of the hardest things for the general population to do is make fitness a priority.

The things that matter most should never be at the mercy of the things that matter least.” – Goethe

Honestly ask yourself where health and fitness fits on your priority list? Once you comprehend how important it is you will make the time, create the routine and stick to it.

Write Down Why You Joined

What was the dominant reason why you initiated change in your lifestyle? Was it the possibility of disease, a friend or family member of the same age passing away or simply one day looking in the mirror and wondering how you got to where you are? Whatever it is, write it down somewhere and whenever you feel yourself slipping or losing consistency refer to it. It should serve as a constant reminder and get your head back in the game and your body back in the gym.

Invest Time and Effort Towards Your Nutrition

Start with adding more water to your day. The following week, look at eating a healthy breakfast verses grabbing fast food on the go. The week after, focus on adding healthy snacks. Small changes will add up to big results. A Nutrition coaching session can help you get on the right track.

Rest and Recovery

The single most important factor in fitness success that is vastly overlooked is rest and recovery. You can’t stress your body from exercise and expect to see substantial changes if you are not giving it the proper rest and recovery time. Yes this means the proper amount of sleep but also the right amount of timed days off to let you body repair and recover from the exercise stress you have been putting it under. Too little rest means your body can “over train” and you can plateau sooner and actually work against you in the results department.

Take the Complimentary Group Fitness Classes

The most loyal members at our health clubs seem to be the members who attend our Group Fitness classes. Wonder why? The classes are fun, effective and add variety! The gym can be a social place and what better way to stick to a fitness plan than to make friends while you achieve your fitness goals?

Switch It Up

Men tend to spend more time towards strength training and women tend to primarily focus on cardiovascular training. Science tells us the body adapts to an exercise stress in six weeks so always endeavour to switch it up and try something new. Keep the body guessing. Remember fitness is a combination of muscle capacity, cardiovascular capacity, flexibility and body composition. Don’t just focus on one of these all the time.

If you do these 10 things we’re confident you’ll be a healthier and happier version of you in a year. Good luck on improving the current and future level of your health.

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