Warm Up Before Your Workout

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Before you start any type of exercise you should always perform a thorough warm up. This will help to prepare your body for the activity that lies ahead. Why then, do many of us skip the warm up? Is it that we feel it’s unnecessary like it’s a waste of time? Studies show the warm up is time well spent … Read More

A Gut Feeling – Prebiotics and Probiotics

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Our digestive system is home to hundreds of different bacteria (known as probiotics) that keep our intestinal linings healthy, break down food, and regulate our immune system. From birth, our gut is populated with about 1000 known species of bacteria and that number continues to grow as more are being discovered. Pre- and probiotics seem to be everywhere in the … Read More

Fitness Focus: Weird Gym Equipment

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Variety is the spice of life, and you should add some of that spice to your workouts. Get acquainted with some of the “weird” equipment there is in the gym and learn how to correctly use it to target certain body parts. Battling Ropes Battling Ropes have had a resurgence mainly due to a pioneer of strongman training, John Brookfield. They … Read More

Happy Trails: Hiking in Alberta

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Humans had to hike so we could hunt and gather food, so we could collect wood for fires and rocks to build shelter, and so we could participate in our tribes’ great annual migrations. Hiking was critical to survival. Today, it appears hiking in alberta is inconsequential, strictly optional. The opposite is true: hiking is now more important than ever. … Read More

Keep Your Mind Healthy And Fit

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Being a member at a fitness centre, you spend a lot of your time keeping your body in shape. The good news is, these actions are also working out your mind. Along with physical exercise and nutrition, it is important to do mental exercises. The following tips offer suggestions to keep your mind healthy and fit. Use Your Brain   Boost your mental … Read More

Recipe: Eggplant Pizza

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eggplant pizza

Everyone likes pizza, but it isn’t always the healthiest dinner option. We’re always in search of ways we can increase it’s nutritional value, while still enjoying the cheesy goodness. Using eggplant as the base is a great way to do this, plus it eliminates gluten and most other processed and refined items. This recipe for eggplant pizza is quick and … Read More

Strength Train to Lose Weight

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If your number one goal is to lose weight, don’t be afraid to strength train. Many gym-goers believe that lifting weights is only to increase size in the form of bulging muscles and cardio is the way to burn fat. According to Penn State University, lifting weights is the secret to fat loss. Researchers put overweight people on a reduced-calorie nutrition … Read More

Calgary Fitness Careers: How to Get Started

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workout with a personal trainer

When you surround yourself with happy and energetic people, it rubs off. Fitness professionals are upbeat and excited to come to work, not only because they love fitness but also because they genuinely enjoy working with others. We’re in a people industry. Every year World Health hires a number of members who want to start fitness careers, but where does … Read More

7 Ways to Prevent Injury During Exercise

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personal trainer

Most of us have experienced an injury at some point in our life and have had to take a step back from our training, sport or even just had to adapt our everyday living to accommodate. If you’ve never experienced an injury, keep that spotless track record going by adopting these healthy habits now so you don’t have to slow … Read More

How to Get More Vegetables into Your Life

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more vegetables

If I am being 100% honest, I often don’t crave vegetables (for the most part). Most people are probably in the same boat. Although don’t get me wrong, when I don’t eat ‘healthy’ one day – it happens to the best of us – my body knows that it has not been treated well and all I want is vegetables. … Read More