Battle of the Dry Shampoo

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dry shampoo

After a good workout, there isn’t always time to wash and style your hair. Or maybe it’s a lazy morning where the snooze button won over the shower, blow dryer and curling iron. We’re not judging! What we are doing is giving you the best dry shampoo option to turn your wild mane into a perfectly coiffed ‘do…no shampoo and … Read More

Prevent Hip Flexor Strains from Running

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Hip flexor strains often occur during sprinting, kicking activities or an increase in training (ie. running). Strains occur due to a sudden contraction of the hip flexor muscle or overusing the muscle without proper stretching or rest. Reduce Hip Flexor Strains Warm up: Always ensure you have a proper warm-up prior to your activity, especially as it gets colder in … Read More

Balancing Life Through Yoga

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Are you feeling like tasks and responsibilities are adding up? Today we have become accustomed to being the multitasker. We not only accomplish numerous jobs in the day but also play many roles which come with expectations. If you were to stop and reflect on the impacts of your life as a multitasker, do you feel like you want to … Read More

Squat with Proper Form

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squat with proper form

No matter what workout we are doing, it is important that we perform all exercises properly so we do not injure ourselves. It’s also important to gain the full benefit of training an exercise in its full range of motion. The squat is a movement that is performed not only in the gym when exercising, but also in our everyday lives. … Read More

Train Smarter: An Introduction to Energy Systems

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energy systems

There are three energy systems in the body that we can train by utilizing the correct work to rest ratios. Each energy system has its own benefits, both for athletic endeavours and for weight loss purposes. Understanding the basics of each system will help you maximize your training sessions and your performance. The three energy systems are: Creatine Phosphate Anaerobic/Glycolytic … Read More

Why Do Athletes Use Cupping?

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Cupping was given plenty of attention during the Olympic Games in Rio with athletes such as Michael Phelps having visible cup marks on his back and shoulders. Many people wondered what benefit this therapy has for professional athletes, as well as the everyday active person. Cupping is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) technique that dates back 2,500 years. It will help … Read More

Tips for Exercising While Pregnant

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The most difficult thing about exercising while pregnant is not knowing what to do, how long to do it, and how intense you’re allowed to do it. It’s a tough world to navigate, and even tougher when deciphering what information to believe. Keep in mind a pregnant woman is carrying more blood and breathing in more air than she was before … Read More

5 Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer

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Try as they might, weights aren’t just going to lift themselves. They need you to pick them up, as well as a plan of what to do with with. But where should you start? It’s easier when you have guidance. That’s where utilizing the services of a personal trainer becomes a total game changer. Having a step-by-step plan in place … Read More

Roasted Vegetable Quesadilla Casserole

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Quesadilla Casserole

This roasted vegetable quesadilla casserole is a great use-up-what’s-left-in-your-fridge meal. You can throw anything and everything into it and it will still taste great. It’s just a twist on a quesadilla, making it into a casserole and serving it up like a pie. It’s also easily customizable. To add more protein, for example, just crumble a veggie burger into the … Read More

6 Exercises to Help with Lower Back Pain

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lower back pain

Started a 2017 weight training routine? Signed up for a spring running race? Participating in a lot of winter activities? Lower back pain is common in many individuals; from those that work at desks, stand for prolonged periods of time or more active individuals who have a sudden increase in training or participate in a new activity. Often, lower back … Read More